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What is Google+ ?


A lot of people has asked me recently “What is Google+?” Is it Social Media? Should I use it? Is it better than Facebook?

Yes, Google+ IS a social networking platform. It is still in beta mode and the people at Google are trying to make it smarter and better than Facebook. The best part of this project is that it can gather all of Google’s services and make them interact in harmony. A strong amount of People interact everyday online, in Google Plus you are in the middle of that Hub, communicating.

The best part is that you can decide to whom you are sharing with. Now your posts for the family stay in the family, and the posts for your close friends stay for your close friends. Good news.


Google+ Basically offers 4 things: Circles, Hangouts, Huddle and Sparks. I will try to explain them here:

1- Circles
Circles is a very good way to separate people into groups, so you can share with them depending on the topic, if you wanna talk about the latest cool movie with your friends, then you only share with the friends ‘circle’ and if you wanna talk about the next diner at your mom’s place then you share with your family ‘circle’. You can create custom circles and give them the name you think is best, like ‘Work colleagues’ or ‘Star Wars fans’ or ‘Friends from School’ and then interact only with them, while sharing or organizing a Google+ Hangout with them.

2- Hangouts
Do you want to hang out with your friends? even if they are in New York, while you are in Montreal, that is possible. You can hang out with as many friends as you want. It is basically a tool to communicate with video calling. There are Hangout with groups of professionals too, I was invited to a Hangout with Graphic Designers, but couldn’t make it, it will be great though to talk about the industry and our experiences.

3- Sparks
The information on Google+ is organized in a very good way. You can choose content by a specific interest with ‘Sparks’ so you can choose from the main interests, such as fashion, cycling, comics, movies. Or do a search on a particular topic that you will prefer, like Graphic Design, or Lady Gaga or Social media, then you can save your search under Sparks, so every time you click on it you will get the latest articles and pages about that topic. It is like Google on steroids. You can find articles, videos and photos.

4- Huddle
If you use your phone to text, or if you chat you will love this feature, that lets you gather several people into the conversation, so everyone chats and text at the same time. This option is for mobile. The mobile version works with Android and soon it will work with Apple’s iPhone.


Is Google+ like Facebook?
They are different tools with similar services. Google+ sure gives some competition to Facebook, and that is good, because Facebook will look to improve their service, apps and features. Which make for a better Social Platform and make all the users win something better.

Learn more at Google’s Plus Page or Here This tool can be a great achievement for Social Networking. The question now is Will you use Google+ and Facebook?

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