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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

I come from a background of Publicity, Web and traditional marketing, where companies send a message, so people would grab it and convert to customers, they use the feeling of belonging to a cheerful community. They use to sell a status, you were cool if you drink Coca-Cola and if you wear Levis, Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren. The models in the ads looked like they were successful, as they were very popular and lived a very happy life all the time, with no hassles or responsibilities. Well, that was a lie and now is over for the most part. Customers today have the ability to communicate directly with companies, to review products and services publicly in sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Amazon.

Customers using Web Marketing

What surprises me is how many companies don’t know how to transfer their message the same way in front of a client and online. Seems that the computer screen scares them, while in reality it is as easy as talking to someone in front of a counter or during a networking event.  Show who you are first, people prefer to get to know the person before starting a deal. We need to trust the other person in order to say yes to a deal.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is often mistaken by email marketing or product selling online. While in reality companies can get in the shoes of their customers, to understand their need and fulfill them as best a s possible. It is all about creating a business relationship. Like all relationships you don’t do like a lot of sales people do, which is becoming your best friend to be able to sell you anything, they will smile, shake your hand, buy you breakfast and say yes to anything you ask. And after the sale they don’t care about you anymore. A relationship like friendship don’t work that way.

Once that I ventilated this, I come back to apply that into Content Marketing. Companies need to listen to your audience, so they can understand them better and fulfil their needs without adding stress or additional effort. Be realistic about your offer, so you don’t under deliver and so they leave with the best you an give. Concentrate on the people that you can service, if you try to please everyone you may then spend your time, money and efforts in a lot of people who will never convert to customers. Analyse your numbers: clients, data, results, rentability. This will help you know where to improve.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

So, going back to the title of this blog post. Traditional marketing was about bombarding messages and images that made people buy your products and services. Digital Marketing uses some of that, but in addition, offers a human approach, where there is a relationship that is being built over time, and should be taken care of every day. I believe that both of them are valuable and should be used in a successful business strategy.




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