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The BackPack / Messenger Bag

 Personal Branding is more than people getting to know what type of job your do, your personal accomplishments and success. It is also about how you present yourself, online and offline. Every now and then ai do an article about personal style. This one is dedicated to an item that is often used when going to the office: A bag to keep our papers, phone, tablet and other personal belongings, even our lunch.

We see backpacks every day, we have used them or are still using them. They are practical and we used them a lot in high school. When we used to study in order to get a degree, when we hang out with our buddies, wear jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. We realize that it was years ago. We are not the same person today. So, why do we still use a backpack to go to work?

Personal Style Messenger Bag


Let’s face it, it doesn’t look professional. Guys, will you want to arrive to an office with a backpack or with a leather laptop bag? Or, do you arrive to work with tennis shoes and a Bon-Jovi t-shirt? Maybe not.

Ladies, you can get very creative, there is a wide variety of women’s bags. Men have a vast choice too, in every shoe store there is a variety of portfolios, laptop bags, murses, messenger bags and such.

Kenneth Cole  does them, Coach, Armani, Burberry, Aldo, Lacoste and many others too. If today you are a young professional, then look like one, bring what you have inside to the outside, it makes a difference in your working environment, and the way you are perceived. A well-dressed man stands out from a guy in jeans and t-shirt. A well-dressed man with a backpack looks like a rookie who just came out of school.

Work on your appearance, it is a big part of your personal branding.

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