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Talking, Doing & Communicating our Personal Branding

Published on: Jan 15, 2011

The value of Personal Branding can be very beneficial for yourself as well as for the company that you work with or that you represent. If you present yourself in a professional way, the way you talk, the things you do, the way you dress and the communication that you have with your partners, suppliers and colleagues is all part of your own Personal Branding.

The way we talk
The best advice I have had in life is to be myself. At work is best to keep our conversations as professional as possible, inside an outside of the office. Specially out of the office, of course, if you are with friends or family you can goof around and be silly or say silly things, but if you are in a business environment, it is better to keep it professional, many mistakes have been made during corporate parties or business lunches.

The things we do
Our working environment is the place we spend a third of our time everyday, the relationships we have and build are based in words and actions. Many times our actions talk more about you than words.

The way we dress
We all like when we work or do business with people who respect us, who look clean, smell good and dress well. And I am not talking necessarily about dressed in formal clothing, like a suit & tie or a blazer.Look at yourself in the mirror every morning before going to work, do you look professional enough to participate in a last minute meeting? Will you do business with someone who looks the way you do? Can you improve your look?

Communicating with colleagues, partners and suppliers
We all appreciate when someone has a really nice attitude towards us and say please & thank you. My dad used to say: “Treat people the way you want them to treat you” I use it and it works every time. A friend told me once “before answering the telephone smile, because it reflects on the other side of the line, it is true, people told me that they noticed a difference.

Think about something that you can improve about the things you do, the way you look or what you say in your working environment. Work on your Personal Branding, it will do good to one very important person: you.

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