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Social Media segmentation

I’ve seen a lot of colleagues and friends posting the same content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ which can be redundant and repetitive if your audience is the same on those platforms.

A colleague of mine and I were organizing networking events from 2010 to 2013. Those are great events that bring the opportunity to know a lot of people, many of which will exchange emails, phone numbers and will add you to their social media profiles afterward. We got to know a lot of interesting and nice people.

Since the beginning, I wanted to keep Facebook for personal contacts, such as friends and family. So I decided to avoid adding professional contacts on Facebook. I also knew that what I was sharing on in there wasn’t relevant for business people. If I receive a request from a professional contact I add them on Linkedin or Twitter.

At the same time I decided not to share the same content in all platforms, I used Twitter for quick updates and sharing interesting information, mostly about business. I used Google+ for technical content for business people on digital marketing and social media technologies. I used LinkedIn to learn more about business development and some technical stuff, mostly to learn, not so much to share or post articles (though I have a blog inside LinkedIn, with content that can reveal my knowledge in certain aspects of my career. And Facebook for personal content for family and friends.

My colleague and some other people let me know that they were having a hard time sharing some personal content on Facebook, because they have clients in there, and don’t feel at ease letting them know more about personal things. I shared my vision of segmentation for social media and invite them to add those business contacts on Linkedin, Twitter or their blog, and little by little clean their contact list on Facebook. So they can start sharing different content in different platforms.


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