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Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast Montreal
Social Media Breakfast Montreal

I attended my very first Social Media Breakfast Montreal (SMBMTL) in September 2010. The presentation was amazing and filled with valuable information about the use of social media to create a presence, promote a product or get in contact with your peers. I got hooked and became a regular, I made friends with the founders, Jeff Taylor and Dan Maitland. I started to get involved a few months after that, when Dan wasn’t able to continue his collaboration and Jeff was struggling, with a newborn, a new job and the organisation of the social media breakfast every month.

I spoke with Jeff, to help organize the very first SMBMTL Holiday Party. We organized it at the beautiful KAI Design loft, where I was working at the time. He liked how we organized the party and also get a glimpse of the networking events we were organizing there as well. At that time my colleague Andrew, and I were organizing Networking events, at the new events division that we created, called Evenkai.

Organizing SMBMTL
I got involved in co-organizing the monthly breakfasts in February 2012, with the challenge of bringing SMBMTL back. get the community together and create the Social Media presence, which ironically didn’t exist. It took a couple of months to get it all back on track, and started to gain more popularity as well as an active presence online and offline. My goal was to bring the offline community online and vice-versa. A fun challenge that thought me a lot.

I met very nice and interesting people during the 13 breakfasts and 4 holiday cocktails I organized with SMBMTL. Some of them became my friends and I see them often. I noticed how much I enjoy doing this and since then I haven’t stopped.

The most memorable SMBMTL events have been the talks with Mitch Joel, Michelle Blanc and Julien Smith. As well as the Speaker Panel, with Alexandra Tanner (L’Oreal) Warren Wilansky (Plank) Jeff Scott (CN) Fabrice Calando (TIMC)

The Social Media Breakfast Montreal website


Here are some images from the Social Media Breakfast Montreal.

Mitch Joel at Social Media Breakfast

Michelle Blanc at Social Media Breakfast

Real Mahedeo Linkedin at Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast team

MTL Blog Chuck Lapointe

SMBMTL cocktail 2013


Panel at Social Media Breakfast

Joe Issid and Monster at Social Media Breakfast

SMBMTL full house always




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