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Social Media + Branding

Social Media can be used to promote a company or an individual if it is used the right way.

Avoid posting about irrelevant subjects
What do you think will be more interesting for your contacts: to know that you are at your favorite coffe shop? or to have advice or a useful comment about your professional domain? Interact with your peers.

To Facebook or not to Facebook ?
Consider Facebook to build your branding, use it wisely, share thoughts with professionals in other cities and countries, you may be surprised what you can learn. Maybe you need to separate your accounts, use an account for professional contacts and other for personal use (family, friends) mixing them won’t make a good match. Will you invite your peers and colleagues to your family party? Maybe having your provider sharing the table and talking with your mom is not the best match.

Which Social Media to use?

Use the Social media platform that fits best for you and your professional enviroment or for your clients. Maybe your target market uses an specific SM tool, learn about it, get familiar with its features and then use it. There are a lot of SM choices, to know more about check this: Top Social Media platforms also Mobile Social Media

Get involved
Be real, post about things that you know about, things that you are passionate about, keep it professional for your career and company’s sake. Interact with people, avoid posting links all the time (you can get banned by doing it) share your thoughts, experiences and tips, and interact with your contacts, replying to their posts and comments; if you expect to get something in return, then you should start by doing the same. Get to know more about your contacts, their professional experiences, brand and marketing experiences. Maybe it is ok to have a couple of personal comments and discussions, it is great if you build a friendship, it is one of the perks of SM; just keep in mind your priorities, you start those relationships based on a professional matter.

To quote Dr. Ivan Misner, NY bestselling author & founder of BNI: “Networking is not about hunting. It is about farming. It’s about cultivating relationships. Don’t engage in ‘premature solicitation’. You’ll be a better networker if you remember that.” 

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Marketing and Communications specialist with more than 10 years of professional experience, counting with a solid technical expertise (Digital Marketing, Web and Social Media) that also covers traditional marketing and is with associated to customer satisfaction and my passion for public relations.

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