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SMBMTL 20 – Chuck Lapointe

Leveraging Facebook for Small Business

On April 16, 2014 we had an opportunity to hear Chuck Lapointe talk about Facebook marketing strategies. Chuck is the co-founder of MTL blog. When we first sat down to give him a sense of the type of members and business people our group caters to, it wasn’t long before he made the suggestion that he provide some insights into what they do that’s so successful vis a vis Facebook.


With close to a billion active daily users, Chuck insists that businesses are crazy to not try and leverage Facebook as a way to connect with and engage users.

Critical to the MTLBlog’s success has been their capacity to interpret and pivot their strategies based on constant changes to the Facebook algorithm. Recent changes by FB have limited companies’ exposure of posts, articles and promotions even to fans who have “liked” their page. And, like much of the rest of the marketing world who lean heavily on the web to generate traffic, engagement, and sales, content is at the forefront of their strategy. Better for users considering FB is (supposedly) getting better at delivering more relevant information to their user feeds, but more difficult for businesses who don’t have the resources to properly create, measure, and react to such rapid changes.

Facebook can be a critical component to a local businesses success, and thanks to the FB campaign ad manager, geo-targeting is made easy to both enact and track.

FB’s algorithm and the organic reach you can hope one of your post gets has much to do with several factors one should consider before posting. Here are some of those things Chuck and his team consider to ensure maximum exposure:

– Creating sensational/emotional content
– Time and relevancy of the story
– Select a good title
– Select a good picture

Chuck also went on to explain how via paid advertising (promoted stories/suggested posts) has and should continue to eclipse any similar efforts they might consider on an alternative platform. Because of the primarily hyper-local content, managing these ads allow them to set defined criteria against which to measure past/future promotions. And apparently the interface is pretty dummy proof.


Once again here is some advice from a team doing it really well that you should heed and employ. Like I said above, unless you are living under a rock, you can appreciate just how far these guys have come from practicing what they preach in a really short period of time.

– Boost quality posts
– Geo-Target
– Target based on interests
– Know your objectives
– Analyze and optimize your campaigns

You can’t fix/tweak what you don’t measure.

We’d like to thank Chuck for sharing these insights and spending the morning with us, as well as for keeping all Montrealers better informed with engaging, timely, and relevant stories on the We wish him and his team continued success!


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