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SMBMTL 16 – Craig Silverman

 A No-Bullshit Discussion About Good Content, And How To Create It 

With Craig Silverman

Craig Silverman is an award winning journalist and author and the director of content for Spundge, a content creation platform used by newsrooms, brands and agencies. He helped to launch OpenFile, an online local news startup that delivered community-driven reporting in Canadian cities. He is the former managing editor of PBS MediaShift, and has been a columnist for The Globe And Mail, Toronto Star, Columbia Journalism Review,, and Hour.

Content is seemingly the gateway to a new world of success for every professional and business. Everyone is obsessed with creating it, using it for marketing, and pushing it out on every social channel.

But it’s hard to consistently create quality content — and to avoid all the suspect advice and buzzwords that can lead you astray. Come learn the simple, proven path that anyone can follow to create terrific content — every time

SMBMTL 16 - Craig Silverman

There’s no doubt that content is a hot topic these days and has been since the onset of Penguin, and more so Panda.

On August 14, 2013 Craig Silverman of Spundge was kind enough to share his thoughts with us on the matter and did his best to keep it real a little over a month ago.

In his presentation he gave the group actionable steps that could be applied to content creators in any business or niche that  would immediately and dramatically improve the process and end results of what has become a necessity in our content-hungry digital world.

SMBMTL 16 - Craig Silverman

We recommend you spend the time checking out Craig’s slideshare and save or Pin the infographic which accompanies the video in their blog post covering the event.

One key takeaway we had was his insistence that you not write for robots. It’s a long standing tidbit preached by the likes of Matt Cutts himself, but coming from a journalist (first) whose passion lies in telling a great story vs. a mouthpiece for a corporate giant, it certainly had more resonance for us.

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