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SMBMTL 13 – Micheline Bourque

Public life vs private life, ethics and other issues


Our world is being completely transformed and the fact that we do live more and more public lives brings its share of benefits and disadvantages. But what are the benefits are living more public lives? Are we aware of them? Some of us rejoice over this new possibility of living public lives, but how far should we go, what type of ethics should we adhere to. What needs to change to allow this grand new way of expressing ourselves.

With the arrival of social media in all aspects of our lives, this presentation hopes to stimulate thought and debate on the notion of public lives and private lives and how these are being transformed.

Technological changes and social media are confronting us with new choices and new opportunites, but risks as well with respect to our public and private spheres, whether we are conscious or not of the extent to which we do live more and more public lives. It is hard to imagine going back to the life without social media, without blogs, without the ease of sharing thoughts and options that these new tools provide.

This presentation will relay some of the concepts and definitions that Jeff Jarvis, blogger and journalist has developped to stimultate the debate and discussion on this crucial issus. In his book, Public Parts, he created a new word ‘publicness’ and has made of list of ethical principles which will be relayed and hopefully discussed with the participants.

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