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SMBMTL 12 – Fred Harper

What a Technical Evangelist can tell you about Branding

Fred harper SMBMTL 12 - Social media Breakfast Montreal

As an evangelist, your own branding is critical for your role. Interesting enough, it’s not just about this job type: you as a freelanceer, a community manager, as a….you need to think about your branding. It’s about you as a person, you as an employee, and what people will associate you with. It’s one of the most important weapons you have.

On wednesday October 10th, taken from my own experience, I’ll give you some advice about your branding in-person, but also online by using social media. We’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly…

The above are Fred’s words, and it’s all too clear he’s going to bring an alternative outlook to what works and what doesn’t when it comes to personal branding. I’d encourage you to check out his blog and choose a random sampling of technical and non-technical posts, cause on top of being a seasoned speaker and extremely knowledgeable on more things than I could ever hope to be, he’s quite funny.

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Here’s a bit more about Fred for those unfamiliar:

Frédéric Harper is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada. In the IT world for more than 10 years, his expertise is mostly around Web development with different platforms and technology. If you want to talk about Web, Open Source, Open Standard and Interoperability, Fred is your man. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with him as he is a social beast and a social media aficionado. To know more about him or on any technical and day-to-day subjects, go read his blog You can also follow Fred on Twitter.

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