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SMBMTL 11 – Ray Hiltz

A Conversation about Google+ and Social Media

Ray Hiltz SMBMTL 11 - Social media Breakfast MontrealA long time friend, supporter, and attendee of the Social Media Breakfast Montreal will be in the spotlight come July 4th, 2012 at the 11th #SMBMTL.Ray Hiltz, a mainstay on the Social Media scene here in Montreal over the last several years, will be taking the floor and leading a conversation about Google+, and all things social media.A veteran of several Montreal-based presentations on the topic, the opportunity for the #SMBMTL faithful is there to pick Ray’s brain, ask him exactly where he thinks G+ is, or can go in terms of it becoming the foremost SM platfform.

In a unique first for the #SMBMTL, Ray took the questions we put to him by co-event planners Heelatch, Kai Design, and Fabrice Calando; Feel free to see the video below.

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Here’s a bit more about Ray for those unfamiliar and if you have some time check out the video below:

If you’re in the social media and small business scene in Montreal, you’ve probably seen or better yet, spoken with Ray.

And if you have, you know his passion for social is infectious.

Since leaving his post as Executive Director for Montreal’s historic Repercussion Theatre in 2009,  Ray has transferred his business experience into a consultancy for helping companies become better businesses through the use of social media.

As well as speaking publicly and coaching, he writes about social media, Google+ and social business on his blog: NewRayCom.

He is currently writing an eBook on Google+ and collaborating on another Social Media & Business book that will be published in late Fall.

Ray’s professional experience has been in the fields of Communications, Theatre and Hospitality.  What these industries have in common, apart from razor thin profit margins, are their dependence on communication and collaboration; two assets that social media is especially adept at facilitating.

A business culture that fosters internal and external communication and collaboration is one that makes stake holders of its employees and customers.

With the advent of social tools, collaborative companies become successful companies.

Feel free to link up with Ray on:   Google+ / LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook


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