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SEO best practices

SEO Best practices

People ask me if I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I do a marketing campaign. Of course, I always recommend to have basic SEO on a landing page or website. Here are a couple of tips.

Follow these SEO Best practices

Be sure to follow these SEO basic practices for a better performing website or landing page.

Add text to your landing page. This text should have at least 600 words, that mentions specifically what you offer, feel free to mention one or more services. Use 3 main keywords that talk about your specialty, put them once on your text and add one of them on the H1 tag.

Add at least one Call to Action (this can be as simple as: “Call Us!” “Find out More!” or “Visit Our Store Today!”

Watch this video about SEO > 

The address and phone number on your website needs to be written exactly the same as “Google +” profile or your “Google My Business” profile.  Fill up your Google+ profile Add 5 photos, a description of your products or services, your website URL, once you have all this have your profile verified by Google.

Add Content Marketing to your landing page. Write about your main service or main product. If you have specialties, make sure you name them. This means that your content needs to be valuable, relevant, and help your visitors to understand what you can do for them.


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