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Priority A, B and C.

Be more productive by organizing your tasks by priorities.

I noticed that sometimes I got a lot of things done in a day, while some days seem to be too short to have everything done. What has been working for me is to do a list of tasks at the very beginning of my day, every morning I take 15 minutes to talk with my colleague over coffee (this helps me to be social, get updates in the morning and then move on to my work day) and we set a list of tasks together, then I order them in priorities, like this:

Priority A – Here I put the things I need to do right away, those tasks that need to be done first thing in the morning. Or things that I need to deliver before noon.
Priority B – In this list I put the things that need to be done today, not exactly right away, but to finish them by the end of the day.
Priority C – In here I put the things that can be done next day or during the week.

The list may be modified by last minute requests, I am careful to look at the priority list and squish them in. Sometime what I do is that I do one list and then add a number in front of each task, then do them starting by number one. If a new task arrives I add it on the list as a ‘B’ task. Imagine I have task number 5, and need to add something after it, I simply write it down between 5- and 6- and add it as 5B-. This way I can add extra stuff without destroying my initial list.

Your emails can also be classified as A, B or C. Reading emails as they come may get very distracting. A good way to read emails is twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. You will be on top of things and also be able to concentrate on your tasks, finishing them in a good time. Instead of interrupting them every 5 minutes to read emails, and get your mind distracted.


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