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Personal Branding & Style

Published on: Feb 3, 2011

Personal branding is about several things. One of them is your style, the way you present yourself, the way you look, the way you talk and the things that you say when you talk.

Let’s do an exercise: Look in the mirror… really, take 2 minutes to go and look in the mirror. Are you happy with the way you look and the clothes you wear to work? If you were to meet yourself today what will be your first impression?

What do you need to improve? in the way you dress, you talk or the things you talk about? How well do you talk? do you talk loud and clear? Do you smile when you talk on the phone? A friend of mine told me that I use to answer the phone in a very serious way. He even thought that I was very busy or in the middle of something and that his phone call was bothering me. I was serious and concentrated, yes, but now I pause for a moment before answering the phone, and I feel a difference when I talk to people.

If there is anything wrong about you, only you know that and also you know what to do to improve it. Work your personal branding. If you use Social Media for personal branding then you should invest in at least one professional portrait. Look at your avatar, if it is a photo, does it represent you the way you want?

If you go to a meeting, are you well groomed, did you brush your teeth and comb your hair? Don’t want to sound like Mom, but sometimes we overlook simple things like this, who can be very important. Remember: If you were to meet yourself today what will be your first impression?

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