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Personal Branding – Does appearance matter?

Published on: Feb 20, 2011

Does appearance matter when finding a job?
It does, a lot. Even if your Resume is what made people consider you for the position, looking good and acting good in an interview are key elements when looking for a job and doing business. It does make sense to dress your best for the interview, regardless of the dress code at the organization.

When we look at someone we instantly form perceptions about who they are, what they are like, and whether they may or may not be worth our time. This couldn’t be truer than when you go to a job interview where everything you do and say is very important.

Does appearance matter in a business environment?
Absolutely! How clean and neat you appear is just as important as the clothing you are wearing, your education and working experience. You can be very professional and be one of the best on your field, but wearing the wrong clothes can reduce your chances by half. Specially if people around you are well dress for the occasion, they look good and are well groomed.

The company I work for participated as exhibitors on a Start-up conference last year. The exhibitors next to us didn’t seem to put much importance on their appearance, one person even wore sandals & socks, it didn’t help that he also wore a very worn out polo shirt and an old pair of jeans. With him it was a lady wearing an over-sized dress, hair pulled back on a careless kind of ponytail, like if she was doing the laundry. It didn’t helped that she sat down reading a magazine most all the time. During the lunch break this guy complained about the lack of people at their booth. It was not a surprise that they barely got people approaching them. Of course their body language and appearance didn’t help.

I read a tweet about how important was to have a good profile picture. I scroll my contacts and noticed that a couple of them had a bad profile picture. (One of them is wearing a Biking Helmet and Sunglasses: all you see is a Red Helmet. While another person had a picture Breast-feeding her baby. Another pic is of a guy on the beach, you hardly see him, but he is only wearing shorts) I noticed that they follow a lot of people, but they don’t have a many followers. Most people have a good profile pic, a few of them even had a professional photo and are well groomed, which makes them stand out.

Avoid this clothes at all prices In any professional or business situation

Guys: You’ll may like to avoid t-shirts, running shoes, boots, over-sized sweaters or worn-out jeans.
Ladies: You’ll may like to avoid sandals, too-long skirts, too much make-up, flashy make-up or too much jewelry, handbags that are too big, boots or running shoes and worn-out jeans.

Count how many people you can spot wearing the wrong clothing to work.

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