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New Logo / Brand error? or Marketing strategy?

Let’s face it, the logo looked like a high school project, it wasn’t corporate and was weak.

Do you think that a design firm and internal marketing consultants will let this pass? if that was the case, the responsible may be looking for a job right now.

What I see here is that a big hype was created. 1865 ‘i likes’ from Facebook, 500 comments on the Facebook Gap logo post alone.

Many, many, website hits and a general interest on the brand can be called a success if at the end you got all that and just came back to your original logo.

If Gap wanted to create a marketing strategy, congratulations! If not, they need new people to work in their graphic design and marketing department for sure.

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Marketing and Communications specialist with more than 10 years of professional experience, counting with a solid technical expertise (Digital Marketing, Web and Social Media) that also covers traditional marketing and is with associated to customer satisfaction and my passion for public relations.

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