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Networking Events, Conferences + You

What have you seen lately at Networking events?

Last weekend I was talking with someone about The Art of Marketing Conference. I remember describing the audience by saying: “two thirds of the participants were wearing suits or Blazers” my friend had the same reaction I’ve seen before: “Wow, it was a very professional conference then”.

The other day I was talking with my Colleague Andrew, about the Social Media Breakfasts, I told him that the ambiance was very cozy, the food was delicious and that the participants dressed business casual.  I noticed that in both cases we focused in three things: 1- The quality of the speakers, 2- The food and 3- The way people dress.

Try and go up a notch

If you are going to a Networking event, a conference or a Social Media Breakfast the best way to give a good professional impression try to go up a notch when you are about to pick your clothes. Have you ever thought that at these kind of events people go to network, learn, have fun and also take pictures too? You will be surprised about the way you look when you look a picture after attending the event.

Dress the part, take 5 more minutes choosing your clothes or looking in the mirror before leaving home. Then be yourself, put your energy, your experience to talk and your professional experience out there. Dress them well and you got a winner.

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