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Moments de rage

Moments of Rage – Acrylic On Canvas 36X36″ 2010 from the art exhibit ‘Repercussions’ by Luis London

Luis London explores the impact of childhood emotions on adult lives in a series of 13 paintings titled: “Repercussions” The paintings are rendered in a style that combines contemporary graphic design and American Pop Art.

As portraits, they are Warhol-esque: square with bold, deep colours and shapes reminiscent of screenprinting.London introduces texture and complexity with patterns that cast light and shadow onto a simple rendering. The result is big, bold paintings that convey their intense emotional experiences: joy, rage, surprise, sadness, happiness and more.


About Luis London

Marketing and Communications specialist with more than 10 years of professional experience, counting with a solid technical expertise (Digital Marketing, Web and Social Media) that also covers traditional marketing and is with associated to customer satisfaction and my passion for public relations.

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