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I first  got aware of the design blog called Logo Design Love early on 2009, the site was pretty young, but had so much to offer that I became immediately hooked. The person behind the project is called David Airey, an amazing graphic designer, who has done well recognized logos such as (Yellow Pages Canada), Giacom (England), and Berthier Associates (Japan).

This book is full of true facts, important information and quality work from sucessfull logos and branding all over the word. David is so profilic and organized in his way of working that his book it is worth of reading from everyone involved in a logo development and branding. From individuals, small and large business, Corporations, Marketing Specialists and of course Graphic Designers.

David is such a nice guy that he even offers a free chapter from his book ‘Logo Design Love’ on his website (you can download it here)

The book talks about everything that should be done before getting a logo, or working on a branding image. From the clients perspective or the designers as well. Worth every page! My copy has become teared and weared from all the times I have consulted the book.

I totally recommend this book!

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