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How to do a Communication Plan

Steps to create an effective communication plan

1. Know your needs

The most important question before creating a plan is: Why?
Are you doing a plan to increase branding, increase sales, customer satisfaction or other? Gather with the people involved in your team and define what are the issues, what are the needs, what would you like to achieve at the end. Set the end goals.

2. Analyse the situation

Record how the situation is before starting, so you can measure success in a better way. Analyse the strenght and weaknesses.

3. Know your audience

Define the audience by location, age, sex, behavior or interests. Find the niche and know their needs. It can be internal or external.

4. Set up the objectives

Once you know the goals you need to set up objectives, globally and by team. What do you need to communicate, which communication channels you will use, who is going to work on the project, define a milestone and how are you going to measure success. See if the calendar has some dates that can help or may create an issue.

5. Define the main message

Questionnez-vous sur ce que vous voulez dire à votre cible. Que voulez-vous qu’elle retienne? Rappelez-vous que l’axe de communication est l’idée essentielle de laquelle découleront tous vos messages. C’est la colonne vertébrale de vos communications.

6. Create a communication strategy

Establishing relationships with individual media and media outlets. The strategy will make your communication efforts more efficient, effective, and lasting. Find the best tools to use.

7. Define the media to be used

Your media needs to reach your target audience. Being traditional media or digital media. Depending on the media chosen the budget can increase, target the media by effectiveness, not by budget. Consider using media with good rentability.

8. Define the tone

Define the tone together with the Public Relations team. You know what is the message and audience. Define the voice accordingly to them. Keep the same tone across all platforms, even emails.

9. Define a Budget

Define the budget with the finance team. Consider media, human ressources and materials.

10. Define the Actions

Create a calendar and match it to your milestones. Do a team meeting to make sure everyone know their tasks and implication. Define a supervisor or team that will follow up each step. Do weekly meetings to see how the project is going.

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