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How does a graphic design project works – part 2

One of the questions that people ask more frequently before starting a project is “How does it work?” when it comes to working with a graphic design studio. So we decided this is the right time for us to do a blog posts about KAI Design’s approach when it comes to a design project.

Similar to a “consultation” process, there are actually several steps for a graphic design project. We deconstructed the process and simplified key milestones…This is Part-2 of our approach to any design project, hope you will find this useful. Feel free to read Part 1 here.

Step 3 – Design of Mock-Ups

Once that we are familiar with the project, the client and its needs. We do a brainstorming session, to gather ideas to work on the project. Usually ideas start to pop up in our heads when we meet the client to  discuss the project.

We have a directional line to where we need to go, in order to present the client with the first mock-ups. We suggest the look and feel that we found best. If the client has an specific idea we will work on it to satisfy the needs of the project. We may come up with our take on it, if we found that we can improve the client’s idea.

We design between 2 to 4 mock ups, depending on the project and the allocated time for it. Time is a very important factor when it comes to realize a project, some projects need a large amount of time, while others can be done in a few hours.

Step 4 – Finalization

Once the modifications are done the project is ready to get published, if it is a print project. In the case of a printing project we make sure that all content is ok, we make a double check, because a printed project can not be modified once is published.

On the case of a CMS Website, once it is approved we put the website online, for the whole word to see. Once we do this the client can start promoting his website. If there are any modifications on the text the client can take of it, depending on their needs. We prepare our clients with a tutorial on how to modify the website content.

These are the 4 basic steps to any project. Some projects may need more time to get done, and have more steps to them. It all depends on each project needs.

We guess that this is not a one way street and you may have other questions, feel free to ask us or leave a comment, we will be happy to reply.

Feel free to check Part 1 of this article here


The 4 steps of a design project are:

Step 1 – Initial Meeting / Briefing

Step 2 – Proposal

Step 3 – Design of Mock-Ups

Step 4 – Finalization

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