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Google to build a stronger brand


Google plans to re-organize some of its products, and rename them as Google Products. Since Google+ have had such a positive response, this will help to keep building Google’s brand in a stronger way. Apparently Picasa will be renamed ‘Google Photos’ and Blogger will be renamed ‘Google Blogs’.

A smart move into a clear and effective branding campaign. We already have Google places, Google maps, Google Analytics, Google Reader, so why not continue the uniformity. This step will be a success if they make people feel that this is not a Monopoly, a hard tasks to accomplish, but it is doable. If Google continues to make our life easier, then people will embrace the branding and the company will increase their popularity.

Personally I am only waiting for Google+ Mobile to be released for the iPhone. The features are amazing and for people on the go, it can be an instant hit.




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