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Design Trends & Top 10 Logo Designs

Design Trends

As part of my job I need to be aware of the latest trends and to know what other designers are doing, specially the big gurus, like David Airey; Fabio Sasso; Louise Fili; Jon Hicks; Graham Smith; and Duane Kinsey beside others.

But design trends often come from new designers too, I am aware of graphic design trends in Canada, specially cities like Toronto & Montreal. Since the internet has become such a communication hub, There are some other places to look at what others are doing.

Where to Start

The process to design a logo starts when the designer meets the client. It is really important to ask many questions to get to know the client, the services or products really well, because having the understanding of the company is essential for the designer. If the graphic designer really knows the services or products, as well as the company history and the main competitors, then he will know which elements; forms; typography and colors work best for the design of the logo and how it can be applied to all the other collaterals, from business cards to Brochures, Adverstising and Marketing materials.


Branding is the technique of applying the Corporate Image to products, promotional material and advertising. A good designer knows mst have branding knowledge and should be able to come up with Branding Strategies as well. Sometimes new designers or unexperienced designers don’t have this knowledge and can not go further or may give the wrong branding advice.

Can anyone be a designer?

I was surprised when iStock created a new division, called Stock Logos, where people can get logos for a very reasonable price, the downside being that there are some improvised designers who make low quality logos, basically anyone can upload a logo. There is also very little communication with the designer, and once you have a logo you still need to contact the creator or another designer to have other stuff done, like business cards; website; pamphlets; advertising; posters; brochures or other items, so if the designer is in aanother country the communication may be not easy. Below you will found some examples of the latest design trends worldwide, some are good, some are bad, you can judge by yourself:

This are the logos that have been purchased from Stock Logos:

More purchased logos here.


Designs from other logo selling websites:




It depends how commercial you wanna go, or what are your needs.

The big question:

Do you think that it is a good business practice to have a designer to do your logo? I will say ask yourself is it a good practice to have a chef prepare your meal at a restaurant? or is it better to have a fast food chain feed you? Do you want fries with that?

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