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Changing your logo?

Are you tired of your Logo and will like to change it? Think again, because that is not the right reason to revamp your logo.

Before changing your logo take the time to think why you will like to change it. Then ask yourself what does this implies and how are you going to do it. Because modifying a logo may be a lot of work and money to spend afterwards, you may need to revamp your branding everywhere. Which can be ok if you have plan this ahead, but if you regret your decision this can mean a lot of money spent, as well as losing some of your actual branding because this can cause your clients to become mixed up.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes reworking your logo can mean a lot of positive things, but before doing it just ask yourself if there are enough good reasons to make that change. Some logos have a life span and is ok to go for a change, while others are better left alone and not touch them. Take a look at your logo and ask yourself: is your logo easily recognizable? does it looks old? can it be easily used in a website, poster, business card, t-shirt, corporate materials or other promotional/gift material? Does it communicates your company’s or product message the right way? Then you will know if it is right to change it, modify it, or leave as is.

Logos have always been a big part of branding. Maybe the President of Coca-Cola is tired of seeing the same logo year after year, but this brand has been a trademark for decades, so there’s nothing to do; maybe adding submarks and logos, like Coke, Coke Zero and so on.

Here are some exemples of logos that haven’t changed in many many years:


And others that have changed many times unsuccesfully:


And some logos that have been changed in a succesfull way:

And some logos that have been modified just a little bit:

In which list does your brand and logo belong?

Thinking about WHY you will like to modify or change your logo, because it will help you come up with the right ideas for a better new branding.

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