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How to network?

How to network at events?

Follow These Networking Tips In 2010 social media became more and more popular, my colleague Andrew and I were avid of information about social media, marketing

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Personal Branding and style

The BackPack / Messenger Bag

 Personal Branding is more than people getting to know what type of job your do, your personal accomplishments and success. It is also about how

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4 reasons why you should build your personal branding

Here are 4 valid reasons to build your personal branding 1- You want to be recognized. By the work you do, by who you are,

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Wrong Online Profile?

There are a lot of different people using Social Media and the internet, wanting to interact and get more exposure, sell or make friends. But

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Your personal branding

Where, when and how is best to apply personal branding? I will rather start with why applying and working on your personal branding? When you

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Priority A, B and C.

Be more productive by organizing your tasks by priorities. I noticed that sometimes I got a lot of things done in a day, while some

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Not enough time for Social Media

  A lot of people ask me how do I do to be so active on Social Media, to be able to work a full

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Clients + Good Relationships

  Published on: Sep 6, 2011 Have you ever wrote an email to someone and didn’t get a response? I believe that all of us have

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How are you?

  Since a year ago I have been networking a lot with my friend Andrew Chen, since we are part of the KAI Design team.

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One of the best things to do in Social Media

One of the best things to do in Social Media: Use your avatar and your name wisely. Stick to only one name for all Social

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Networking Events, Conferences + You

What have you seen lately at Networking events? Last weekend I was talking with someone about The Art of Marketing Conference. I remember describing the

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Personal Branding – Does appearance matter?

Published on: Feb 20, 2011 Does appearance matter when finding a job? It does, a lot. Even if your Resume is what made people consider you

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