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Social Media vs. Marketing

Is Social Media the New Marketing? Social Media is the new hype, a hype that years ago had many names, it was known as customer

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Talking, Doing & Communicating our Personal Branding

Published on: Jan 15, 2011 The value of Personal Branding can be very beneficial for yourself as well as for the company that you work with

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8 Hrs of work, 8 Hrs of recreation, 8 Hrs of sleep,

We work hard everyday, we sleep to get some rest and we have also have fun. Like everything, we can organize our time to be

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Rio 2016 Logo Controversy

The Logo for RIO2016 Olympics has created a big controversy, after someone noticed that it was a copy from the Telluride Foundation logo. These days

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Brand Awareness

  Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognize a brand under different conditions and link to the brand name, logo, jingles and

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Social Media + Branding

Social Media can be used to promote a company or an individual if it is used the right way. Avoid posting about irrelevant subjects What

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Changing your logo?

Are you tired of your Logo and will like to change it? Think again, because that is not the right reason to revamp your logo.

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New Logo / Brand error? or Marketing strategy?

Let’s face it, the logo looked like a high school project, it wasn’t corporate and was weak. Do you think that a design firm and

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Personal Branding or Business Branding?

Mostly everyone uses social media to look up their present and future partners, suppliers and peers. Like Mitch Joel said in his book ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ : “I Google you, just like you Google me”

Surrounded by brands

I believe that design is essential in life Think about it, I believe that you care about the color of your shirt, the style of

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