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Social Media Breakfast Montreal

SMBMTL 10 – Julien Smith

A Conversation about all things Montreal, business and social media with Julien Smith Next Social Media Breakfast on May 2nd, 2012. Our very own Julien

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Interview with Susan Pakman-Abramson

Principal Interior Designer, Toronto Designers. February 2, 2012   Susan has great talent and an incredible eye for Interior Design. The articles and advice on

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Interview with Paul Lowe (Sweet Paul)

Prop Stylist and Editor in chief of ‘Sweet Paul Magazine’. January 22, 2012 Paul Lowe is one of the food stylists that I admire most,

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Interview with Cesar Ochoa

Art Director at Être Magazine & Photographer January 17, 2012 César Ochoa is the art-director for Être Magazine a monthly magazine from Montreal, QC that

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Interview with Dan Maitland

User Interface Designer at CAE Inc. and Art Director at Heelatch January 7, 2012 Dan Maitland is the co-founder of Heelatch, a graphic design company

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Stop Bullying

  Today I am moving away from my usual topics on this blog. This is a public letter. Today I heard abou two other girls

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Not enough time for Social Media

  A lot of people ask me how do I do to be so active on Social Media, to be able to work a full

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Clients + Good Relationships

  Published on: Sep 6, 2011 Have you ever wrote an email to someone and didn’t get a response? I believe that all of us have

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Google to build a stronger brand

  Google plans to re-organize some of its products, and rename them as Google Products. Since Google+ have had such a positive response, this will

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What is Google+ ?

  A lot of people has asked me recently “What is Google+?” Is it Social Media? Should I use it? Is it better than Facebook?

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iPad Creative advertising for the iOS 5

Magician Simon Pierro makes the iPad even more magical! Apple decided to do this funny and creative publicity to promote the iPad, an absolute genius

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Social Media in Quebec, Canada

    Social Media has become very popular around the world, Millions of people use it to communicate, and stay in contact with friends and

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