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Personal Branding or Business Branding?

Published on: Oct 11, 2010

Working on your personal branding is something very close to building your resume, you want people to know who you are, what do you do and how do you do it. Each one of us has a different skills, experience and a different way of presenting their services. You can work at a local coffee shop, drive a taxi or be the head of marketing of a big corporation, we all have a personal way to present ourselves and the products or services we offer.

You and your company

Working on your personal branding along with the company you work with is very important, it is healthy to make sure that you and the business you represent have a similar ideology and philosophy, to avoid delivering the wrong message and to build trust. If people think that you do not share the same message, they can doubt about trusting you. Imagine someone who is environmental conscious and works in a company who pollutes the environment, this can easily be perceived as something wrong.

Wikipedia says that Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. You may want to do this in a smart uniform way, if you are a different person on linkedin, facebook and your company’s website then your peers and clients will be scratching their heads figuring out which one is the real you. You may want to be as clear and transparent as you can, so you can build trust with those people.

You may be asking yourself if the before-mentioned websites are related, I think they are, because they have something in common: you. If you are authentic then you won’t have a problem with them.

Mostly everyone uses social media to look up their present and future partners, suppliers and peers. Like Mitch Joel said in his book ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ : “I Google you, just like you Google me”

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