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Make the most of your week – by Kate Matsudaira

I decided to do a blog post about an article sent to me via email by Kate Matsudaira, creator of the THE VOLT PLANNER Kate is an

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5 essential KPIs

5 essential KPIs for your marketing campaign

5 Key Performance indicators that are essential for your marketing campaign. The main objectives on a marketing campaign are to increase the number of sales leads, brand

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SEO Best practices

SEO best practices

People ask me if I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when I do a marketing campaign. Of course, I always recommend to have basic SEO

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How to do a Communication Plan

How to do a Communication Plan

Steps to create an effective communication plan 1. Know your needs The most important question before creating a plan is: Why? Are you doing a plan to

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Marketing Job

New Job, New vision

Finding the right match, so it will be a win/win situation Lately I got cut from my position as Marketing Campaign Manager at Yellow Pages. The

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Web Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing I come from a background of Publicity, Web and traditional marketing, where companies send a message, so people would grab it and convert

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Relationship Marketing Article

Build real relationships for real customers

Relationship Marketing Want to bet on a great marketing strategy? Start by adding value and trust for the people that use your services, the ones

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How to network?

How to network at events?

Follow These Networking Tips In 2010 social media became more and more popular, my colleague Andrew and I were avid of information about social media, marketing

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Cabinet Desrosiers Website

              This website project was done for a Financial Advisor whom provide people with financial products and services.  A financial advisor may create

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Social Media Breakfast Montreal

SMBMTL 23 – Mitch Joel

A Conversation with Mitch Joel On March 4th, 2015, the Social Media Breakfast Montreal welcomes back Mitch Joel, now CEO of Mirum, a global digital marketing

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Base Arquitectura Website

              This website project is part of a marketing campaign that was planned for a firm of architects. I created

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Luis London, Website Content

Post 1

We are thrilled to let you know that The Art of Marketing is coming to Montreal on November 25th, 2014 at the Palais de Congrès. This year’s conference features a

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