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Are you a Bad Blogger?


Are Bad Blog writers disorganized? Do they have way too many things to do? Do they need to get out of their confort zone?

In my case the answer is Yes! I actually am not disorganized, but I don’t organize my time to write on my blog (mistake #1) Many of us don’t know what to write about, sometimes we have a lot to talk about, but not the time to do it (or we dont give us ourselves the time) and then when we do all those little notes on Evernote, on ous phone on on a piece of paper, they can stay there for a while before  we work on them.

I guess it just takes the time to go ahed with your idea, write it down and once you finished writing, then re-read yourself, to make sure your message is clear. Some people tell me that I am brave to publish right after I write my blog post. But I believe that we need to concentrate on the message and less on the way  we write and the words we use.

Getting out of the comfort zone is something else, we have our little routine, and it sucks to get out of it, we wanna be as safe as possible and not to let things interrupt our comfy zone. Wrong! That is not how success is made, we need to challenge ourselves. And by dealing with this while writing a blog post is actually a small effort.

Do I need a kick in the butt and start challenging myself? Yes! Are you thinking the same?

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  1. Rowan
    March 2, 2013 at 7:41 pm ·

    Soon to join the ranks of bad bloggers myself. I come from more of a writing background and will fuss with the words, but otherwise you are correct. If we don’t step outside of our comfort zones, nothing ever happens! …and what a bore that is! Always game for a challenge.

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