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Luis London

Web Marketing Specialist

I am a Marketing and Communications specialist with an experience of more than 15 years in the domain of deploying innovative platforms, on a national or international level.

I have a solid technical expertise (Digital Marketing, Web and Social Media) associated to my public relations and communications skills, that help me create a fluid exchange with people and to transmit my knowledge.

Digital marketing:

I apply technologies such as SEO and SEM (Google Adwords) and follow best practices in Content Marketing so their websites can be positioned in priority in the first page on Google and other web browsers. I also do Search Marketing, working with keywords and a bid strategy to assure that the website will be positioned in the first results  of Google. And will be found by people who look exactly for your services or your products.

Social Media: I create content for social media, blog articles and websites. This content helps increase visibility, credibility and also sales. Building relationships with the existing customers and potential customers. Offering them a value and creating quality engagement.

Traditional marketing:

Working with printed media, trade shows, events, customer relationship, building a networking, and dealing with partnerships, as well as public relations and communications. I am very at ease organizing projects of a considerable size, thanks to my work methods and ethic, as well as an entrepreneur spirit. I can be a business partner, oriented into process efficacy and client satisfaction.

For several years I co-organized the Social Media Breakfast and Social MEEX, two well-known Montreal networking events featuring international guest speakers, creating a connection between people working on Communications and Marketing. Some of my passions are photography, cooking, public relations and social business.

Certified Google Adwords
Certified Google Adwords


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Since I have followers in Canada, United States and Mexico I decided to publish articles in English.
Hablo perfectamente el Español.
Je parle Français couramment. 




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