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8 Hrs of work, 8 Hrs of recreation, 8 Hrs of sleep,

We work hard everyday, we sleep to get some rest and we have also have fun. Like everything, we can organize our time to be really productive getting as much sleep and fun possible.

The motto of 8 Hours of Sleep, 8 Hours of Work, 8 Hours of Entertainment has its origins during the Industrial Revolution in Britain, where industrial production in large factories transformed working life and imposed long hours and poor working conditions. At that time the working day could range from 10 to 16 hours for six days a week. Today our society has changed and we normally work 8 hours.

Dividing out day in 8-hour periods helps us to get more balance in our lives. I first heard about this in 2009, here are the benefits of doing so.

8 hours of sleep

We all need a good night sleep in order to get up fresh, to let our body get energy and our body to regenerate. Normally people sleep for 8 hours, some may sleep more or less. Sleeping for 8 hours help you to be productive and manage your appetite, helps your immune system function and your memory, besides other benefits. So, sleeping 8 hours seems to be the healthiest options for mostly everybody.

8 hours of work

Being productive makes us feel valuable and useful. Besides, we contribute to the progress of other people and the business we work for. Sometimes we tend to work too many hours, but that doesn’t mean that we are more productive, being productive is about how much we accomplish at the and of the day. Often our energy lowers after 6 hours of working, a lot of company leaders work less than 8 hours a day or they work 8 hours divided into short periods of time, combining those with other activities that are not related to their job. If we work all the time without any holidays or days off during the week we will be very tired and won’t be able to concentrate. We all need to do other activities, besides working.

8 hours of recreation

Of course, not everything in life is work, there are plenty of other activities that we can do and we should do in order to be more productive, feel more relaxed and get more energy, like meeting with friends, do meditation or yoga, attend an event, go to the movies, dedicate to artistic painting, have an exercise routine, visit friends, go out and socialize. Activities like this will help us be more productive and to feel better, to accomplish more as human beings and to get more balance in our lives.

Dividing your day into 8 hour periods may help you achieve more balance in your life. Some of us follow this, even do this without noticing. What about you?




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  1. Quora
    February 15, 2011 at 7:10 pm ·

    How many hours a night should people sleep?…

    8 Hours of Sleep, 8 Hours of Work, 8 Hours of recreation. We work hard everyday, we sleep to get some rest and we have also have fun. Like everything, if we organize ourselves things tend to work better and we reach stability. There is more info about …

  2. Sam DeFran
    January 14, 2014 at 3:39 pm ·

    YESSSSS!!!! This is THE ONLY way to live life.

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