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Where, when and how is best to apply personal branding? I will rather start with why applying and working on your personal branding?

When you will have the answer for this question, you will be more confident to build your own branding.  A few easy ways to work your personal branding:  Build you Google account profile, and fill it up. Remember that Google is the most popular browser, if you don’t have a Google account consider getting one.  Use the same name for your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other Social Networking profiles.

The more your name is used the same way, the more clicks your name will get. Be active on them, if you only create a profile, you are doing half of the work. Link your profiles together, cross reference yourself.  Get your domain name registered, if it is not available then try variations, like or add a hypen: and so on. Even if you don’t have a website, build a simple page, keep it clean, remember less is more.

Focus on writing menainful content, stay away from the small talk, if you don’t think you have something interesting to say, then wait and write something the next day. Maybe is better to write about a specific subject and not about yourself. If you have writers block try talking about a subject that you are passionate about, read about it, remember exemples or stories of it, then start writing.  Most of all, be original, be yourself. To quote Oscar Wilde: “be you, because others are already taken.”

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