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5 essential KPIs for your marketing campaign

KPI metrics for digital marketing

5 Key Performance indicators that are essential for your marketing campaign.

The main objectives on a marketing campaign are to increase the number of sales leads, brand visibility, showcase services & products, as well as to understand your clients and their needs, which is very valuable for any company.

Whenever you are doing a digital marketing campaign with Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform, there are valuable metrics to measure the success of your campaign. We will concentrate mainly on social media here. Here are 6 solid KPIs that will help you measure your campaigns and see if there is place for improvement.


An important factor for any campaign is to gain visibility, the more people that see your company, the more chances of getting a quality lead, which translates in potential regular customers.

Check your campaign to look for the following:

  • How many followers do you have since the last two weeks (or the last month)
  • Audience quality: Who is following you on social media or who clicks on your campaign (location, gender, age, interests)
  • Is your new audience in the location that you are targeting? (you will get a higher conversion if they are in the city you target)
  • On your website, you can compare each months audience, to see if the number is growing enough.



If you are wondering what to publish on social media, then you need to see where people are engaging.

Check your campaign to look for the following:

  • If your audience interacting with your content?
  • In which way ? (comments, liking, sharing)
  • Do you know what exactly are they looking for?



They can like the content or make comments. Which is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t work that well. This will let you prepare your next content calendar.

  • How many people see the content you publish?
  • Who is seeing your content? (are they interacting with it as well?)
  • Is your content reaching your target audience? (Location, gender, age)
  • See what type of content they are engaging more with by the number of comments and likes (This will help you choose your next content)
  • On your website analytics, the page views will show the reach.



One of the goals of your marketing campaign is to increase the visits to your website.

  • Examine Referring Traffic (Do visitors come from Social Media, Google Adwords, or affiliates)
  • See how long the visitors stay on your pages
  • Check the bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that navigate away from your website after viewing only one page)
  • On your website the time on page & bounce rate will help you see if your audience is engaging.



  • How many clicks come from your Social Media or Google Adwords campaigns?
  • How many visitors visited the page you targeted? (Landing Page, Subscribe Form, Contest Page etc.)
  • If you are targeting a form, it is better to target the last page of the acquisition steps (i.e. the Thank You page)


Examine your own marketing results using these KPI’s. If you don’t have a Social Media Marketing Plan or if you have any question about how to check your KPIs or your reports, contact me. I can help you with that.

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