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4 things to do when using Social media

Social Media has been present online for a long time now. From Forums, Online Journals and Blogs. These options were used for personal reasons most of the time. Companies started to use them a few years back to connect with customers. Creating a close interaction with them. Since Facebook and Twitter got popular Social Media started to be used by large groups of people. Millions in the case of facebook. Well, Still there is people who ask me why I use Social media so much the reason whyh I do it and a lot fo people do it is simple to connect.
Connect with people who like the same things as me.
Connect with other professionals in my field.
Connect with communities, with artists, and also companies.
One of our clients told us that he was on Facebook just because everybody is doing it. This leads me to 4 things that you are good to do when using Social Media.

Why Do i want to go with a Social Media Strategy
Why facebook
Why Tweeter
Why am i not thinking of other platforms such as Youtube, Blog, Eventbrite, Eventful or MeetUp. Or even Networking, Social media is also about connecting in person.

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