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4 reasons why you should build your personal branding

Here are 4 valid reasons to build your personal branding
1- You want to be recognized. By the work you do, by who you are, you want to increase credibility in your field of expertise. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a large company, the vicepresident of a medium size company or if you sell newspaper at the train station. You want people to recognize you and to keep you in mind as the best resource on what you do.

2- You will like to build or reinforce a strong network. You may be able to speak with a lot of people and keep a good reputation, but this days there is also the online reputation that can help you to grow or break you. Like Marketing Guru Mitch Joel said: You are not what you say you are, but what Google says you are. An immense amount of people trust the internet and search other people over the internet. You want to be sure that you have a good reputation online, over Social Media tools such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

3- Your relationships can help you to grow. Publicity works a lot by word of mouth. Think about that coffee shop that you like so much, that restaurant where you had an amazing diner or a movie that you enjoyed so much. The same thing happens when dealing with professionals. You need people to talk well about you and what you do, because you are good and the word needs to spread. The people you know and who knows you are an amazing tool. Personal Branding helps you to reinforce this the best way.

4- You will like to stand out. From the rest of your colleagues, people who do as good or almost as good as you may get the projects and recognition that you need to stand out. To make your career grow and potential employers to believe in you you need to build your own personal branding.

4 tools you should consider using:

  • Networking events (where you can speak with potential clients, partners and even suppliers)
  • Online communities: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook to start with.
  • Your own Blog (where you will talk about your professional self, if you don’t have one, start one today)
  • At work (Being professional, delivering the goods, having good relationships with everyone, still being you)

And if you don’t have your own web domain (in my case then you should go and reserve it now, before someone also does)

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