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Digital Marketing

I have managed and created numerous Marketing Campaigns with Google Adwords, and applied SEO to websites so clients are positioned in the first result on Google.

I have experience managing and optimizing a portfolio of ±150 accounts, for diverse clients on many different fields (Specially Small & Medium Business) ±15 new sales leads and ±180 clicks per month (Increasing sales by 40% per year)


Social Business

I help people create their online communications and web marketing. With content that is specifically relevant to what you exactly offer. That means building personalized text, articles and images for your Website, Blog and Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

I also assured the creation of Marketing Content, Blog articles, as well as Tips and Tricks for a targeted audience, chosen accordingly for each client needs.


Analytics and Reports

  • To get better results, the campaigns get optimized based on the reports, analytics and direct interaction with the clients.
  • Optimization includes SEO, Budget Management. Created analytics reports: Target Audience, Reach, Clicks on Ads.
  • Digital Campaigns can help increase up to 30% to 50% of Page Likes and Followers. It also helps increasing sales by around 25% a year, depending on the industry and location

About Online Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing focuses on actual marketing strategies for the Internet and all its applications, such as eCommerce, social networking, Web pages or electronic messaging. Social Networking can be applied to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and smart phone Apps.

Search Marketing is the name given to the marketing strategies and direct marketing applied to websites for communication and sales purposes. It works with positive and negative keywords, to reach quality leads, the people who are looking to acquire what you have to offer.

Applying SEO is an important decision that can improve your site and save time. To do so, several practices need to be in place, such as unique content creation, revising your content and website structure, using keywords on the h1 tags and on the main text. By revising your website structure you can focus on the content that is really relevant to what you have to offer, so Google and other search engines will send the right visitors to your website.

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